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Avon Valley Park Sustainability Policy.


At Avon Valley, we recognize the importance of sustainability and are committed to minimising our environmental impact, promoting social responsibility, and ensuring the long-term viability of our business. This Sustainability Policy outlines our guiding principles and commitment to sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations.


Environmental Stewardship:

1.1. Energy Efficiency: We will strive to reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency throughout our facilities. This includes investing in energy-saving technologies, promoting responsible energy use among employees, and regularly monitoring and assessing our energy performance. We have 265 panels placed on the roof which generates 90% of the power at Avon Valley Park.


1.2. Waste Management: We are dedicated to minimising waste generation, promoting recycling and reuse, and responsible disposal of any waste we generate. We will implement waste reduction strategies, such as recycling programs, and encourage our employees and visitors to adopt sustainable waste management practices. We currently operate a zero to landfill policy through our waste provider.


1.3. Water Conservation: We will actively monitor and reduce water consumption across our operations through the implementation of water-efficient technologies and awareness programs. We will also strive to protect local water resources and promote responsible water use.


1.4. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Protection: We recognize the importance of biodiversity and will work to protect and enhance the natural environment around our facilities. We will undertake initiatives to preserve local ecosystems, support wildlife conservation efforts, and promote sustainable land management practices. We have bee hives on site, plant wildflowers and herbs and have bird and bat boxes.


1.5. Sound Monitoring: We prioritise the implementation of sound monitoring systems that adhere to industry standards and guidelines while minimising noise pollution and protecting the well-being of attendees, neighbouring communities, and local wildlife. By monitoring sound levels throughout the event, we aim to strike a balance between providing an exceptional experience for our guests and maintaining a harmonious relationship with the environment. Our park opening and events include regular sound audits, the use of advanced technology for precise measurements, and collaboration with experienced sound engineers to achieve optimal sound quality without exceeding permissible sound thresholds.


1.6. Pumpkin Patch: At the end of our event season local food banks are invited to take any surplus pumpkins, and further surplus is either given to our farm animals to eat or composted.  We provide ideas online along with our event marketing about what to do with pumpkins after Halloween including recipes and wildlife friendly options.


Social Responsibility:

2.1. Employee Well-being: We value the health and well-being of our employees and will provide a safe and inclusive work environment. We will promote work-life balance, encourage and provide employee development and training, and prioritise employee health and safety. Providing private healthcare for contracted staff and organising regular staff socials.


2.2. Community Engagement: We are committed to actively engaging with the local community and supporting initiatives that contribute to its well-being. We will collaborate with local organisations, employ local people, participate in community events, and contribute to local causes to foster positive relationships and support the community’s sustainability goals.

Sustainable Procurement:

3.1. Supply Chain Management: We will prioritise sustainable procurement practices by selecting suppliers and partners who share our commitment to sustainability. We will evaluate suppliers based on their environmental performance, ethical practices, and adherence to sustainability standards. We operate a paperless system with all suppliers.


3.2. Product Sustainability: We will strive to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly products and services to our customers. We will seek to reduce the environmental impact of our products, consider their life cycle, and prioritise the use of eco-friendly materials and production processes. We operate a ticketless system with all bookings and guest communication carried out via email. We have a map of the site available via an app.


Continuous Improvement:

4.1. Performance Measurement: We will establish clear sustainability targets and regularly measure our progress towards achieving them. We will track key performance indicators related to energy consumption, waste generation, water usage, and other relevant metrics to identify areas for improvement.


4.2. Stakeholder Engagement: We will actively engage with employees, customers, suppliers, national farm parks and associations and the local community, to gather feedback, share best practices, and collaboratively address sustainability challenges.


4.3. Compliance and Regulation: We will comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements relevant to our operations. Additionally, we will strive to exceed these standards whenever possible and align with recognized sustainability frameworks and certifications.


This Sustainability Policy will guide our decision-making processes and drive our commitment to sustainable practices. We will regularly review and update this policy to reflect evolving sustainability priorities and ensure its effective implementation across all levels of our organisation.


This document is available to download HERE..