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Working with Us

At Avon Valley, we are committed to providing our visitors with an exceptional experience.

  • Our core values are built around Happiness & Laughter, Honesty & Fairness, Trust & Respect, and Hard Work & Focus.
  • By embodying these values, we believe that we can exceed the expectations of our visitors and make their day with us truly memorable.
  • We encourage our team to have fun at work and be themselves. We are not a big corporate entity, and we value the individuality of our staff. If you can bring a smile to our visitors’ faces, tell jokes, and be silly while providing excellent service, you will make their day even better!

Honesty and fairness are also vital values at Avon Valley.

  • We expect our team to be honest in all their dealings with visitors and colleagues. If something is not working right, speak up, and if you need help, please ask for it.
  • We trust our team to look after our visitors and treat them well.
  • Respect is critical, and we expect everyone to treat each other with respect and professionalism.

Our team’s hard work and focus are essential to provide the best experience for our visitors.

We expect our staff to prioritise visitors at all times and give them their undivided attention. Our team members are an integral part of our visitor’s experience, and they can make it fantastic by providing excellent service. We offer a variety of jobs at Avon Valley, from hospitality to train driving, and we make sure our staff are in roles they enjoy.

We also offer competitive pay rates, including holiday pay, and bonuses for outstanding customer service.

We have won several awards and we are committed to continuing to provide excellent service. We are looking for outgoing and friendly personalities to join our team. If you enjoy chatting with new people and are adaptable to different situations, we would love to hear from you. You must be able to get to Avon Valley, and we expect you to be on time and ready to provide exceptional service. If you share our values and can provide excellent service to our visitors, we would love to have you on board. Let’s make Avon Valley the best adventure and wildlife park in the UK!


My role at Avon Valley is great fun, loads of variety and works around my degree and other commitments I have. No two days are ever the same!

- Myles