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Boomerang Ticket – Back for Summer!

Stay COOL this Summer and SAVE money!  At Avon Valley, we’re all about making your summer a SPLASH while keeping your wallet happy. Introducing our exciting new promotion: the ‘Boomerang Ticket’! It’s not just a ticket, it’s a loyalty card that will have you bouncing back for more fun and greater savings.

Here’s how it works: from July 8th to August 31st, 2023, when you visit our park, make sure to grab a ‘Boomerang Ticket.’ This nifty card will be stamped, just like a loyalty card from your favorite coffee shop. But instead of a caffeine fix, you’ll be scoring awesome discounts and even a FREE visit!

Let’s dive into the details of this amazing offer. With the ‘Boomerang Ticket,’ you’ll enjoy 25% off your second visit, 50% off your third visit, 75% off your fourth visit, and a grand finale of your fifth visit absolutely FREE! Now, that’s what we call loyalty rewarded.

Now, let’s go over some important terms and conditions. The ‘Boomerang Ticket’ offer is valid for park open dates between July 8th and August 31st, 2023. It can be used for on-the-day ‘standard park entry’ tickets before 1 pm. Unfortunately, online purchases are not eligible for this discount or events, including Bluey & Bingo and Massive Family Water Fight.. So, make sure to plan your visit and grab your discounted ticket at the park.

While the ‘Boomerang Tickets’ hold incredible value, please note that they have no monetary worth and cannot be exchanged or extended. We wouldn’t want you to confuse them with a winning lottery ticket! Additionally, keep your card safe, as lost cards cannot be replaced. We want you to enjoy your savings to the fullest, and that means holding onto that valuable piece of stamped cardboard.

To avail yourself of the fantastic discounts, you must present your stamped ‘Boomerang Ticket’ at the park each time you visit. This helps us validate your purchases and ensures a seamless experience for all. Oh, and remember, the order of your visits will be linked to the 1st visit order. So, keep that in mind when planning your summer escapades.

Last but not least, we want to ensure you get the most out of this offer, so the ‘Boomerang Ticket’ cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts. But hey, who needs other discounts when you’ve got the ultimate loyalty card in your pocket?

Ready to embark on an unforgettable summer adventure? Don’t wait another second! Book your first visit in advance now and start your journey toward exciting discounts, endless fun, and unforgettable memories. With our ‘Boomerang Ticket,’ your summer is about to get a whole lot cooler!

Read full Boomerang Ticket Terms and Conditions HERE.

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